We Are Your Neighbors


In a time when our government has decided it’s okay for first responders and medical providers to allow people to go untreated and die, on the grounds that their religious beliefs come first, we need to examine this statement.

Would this be happening if we took the time to realize we are all human beings, with hopes and feelings and loved ones?
If those cheering for this legislation knew the actual people who will be turned away, could they still look them in the eye and be okay with this?

I am one of “those people”.

I could be denied medical treatment and be allowed to die, if a first responder decides to use these protections to make me wait for someone who will help me.
Children of LGBTQ parents could be refused care (and have been).


My wife and I can be denied medical care under the new government mandate.

What is so wrong with this country that fear and disconnection has brought us to this place?
It has become so easy to judge others from our living rooms, and from behind our keyboards, that we now have empowered a government that is advocating for the legalized genocide of those seen as unworthy by one religious group.
Think about that for a moment.

We have to do better.
We have to bring back connection, love, and hope.
Get out and talk with your neighbors.
Make a kind gesture towards someone every day.
Many people are hurting right now and the answer is inclusion, not exclusion.
We must do more, do better, for ourselves and our neighbors.

I am relating this back to myself, but in reality there are far more vulnerable people already suffering from discrimination where they live. I am speaking up for them and hoping if I’ve inspired you in any way, or made you smile, you will see why we have to stop this kind of discriminatory behavior.

It’s time to take back our future with a movement of listening to one another, respect, unconditional love, and empathy.
Get out from behind your keyboard and volunteer somewhere. Speak up for those who need help. Connect with humanity and the struggles we are all enduring.

Let fear go and embrace compassionate living.


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