A Birthday Celebration

On Thursday, July 24th my friends and family gathered for a birthday party/fundraiser for me. It was organized by my friends Anni and Mo and my wife Sam. We sold some of our pottery and there was a raffle and silent auction. Most items were donated by local businesses and artists, many of whom are friends of mine. It was a very humbling experience and I am so very grateful to all who came together to make this happen. There was delicious vegan food donated, cupcakes and a cake, as well as music by my friend Levi. There also was a uterus pinata that was handmade by Sam, face painting, and massage for $1/minute. It was a beautiful summer evening and I was thrilled to see so many people I love gathered together in one place. I am fortunate to live in a community where we support one another. There were so many hugs and smiles and it was amazing.

I am going to simply let the photos do the talking for me. These were taken by Anni Becker, Abby Davis Harris, and Elizabeth Rose. Thank you to these ladies for capturing these images and sharing them.

Peggy, our beautiful pottery sales person.
Temple, myself, and Erica

Colleen and Mo
India and Jessica

Joshua, who made the food for us.

Erica and Anni

Me, face painting by Olivia Harris.
Erica and Anna, with a mug I created.

Me with two of the resident chickens.

Greg and Colleen
Jennifer and Jim

Myself and Anna

John, getting ready to bust the pinata.

Greg, myself, and Pablo, and the uterus pinata.


Children and chickens
Making a wish.
Blowing out the candles.

Olivia, painting faces.

Jenna, Leo, Abby, and Olivia

Jessica and I, posing with the uterus pinata.
April, who donated massage time for the cause.

Lisa and her winnings from the silent auction.

Tabitha and Glenn

Myself, Erica, and Anna



Mo, during the raffle drawing a few days later.

Me, drawing for raffle prizes.

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