Disco Inferno Chemo Day

Today was my chemo day (I go once a week, in case I haven’t mentioned that before). It was appointment #8 and for those who are keeping count, that means next week I will be officially at the halfway mark.

Lisa and I

Today my friend Lisa went with me and she decided we were going to have a disco themed chemo day. She brought wigs and glitter glasses, as well as small disco balls and buttons to give out to the staff that said things like “boogie fever” or “disco diva”. As usual, the staff really appreciated the fun gesture and my doctor even put on a wig and glasses for a fun photo op with me (He really is the bestest). We sat and visited in the chemo room and people seemed to like our matching wigs and glasses. Since neither of us has much hair right now, it was kind of fun to take the wigs off to “wig” people out a bit. Haha, Wig jokes are fun.

Me, just being goofy
Dr. Rushing and I

Justyne asks, “can you dig it?”

Everything seemed normal and went smoothly. Part of the way through treatment I started feeling a bit nauseous. I normally feel fine. After I got home I experienced 4 hours of a horribly upset stomach, which is really odd for me. I’m trying to figure out if I’m at a point where my body is doing what it wants and I just have to hold on for the ride, or if I’m just having more off days and it shall pass.

Disco ball mania!

Lisa’s wig and glasses on my foot
Disco balls make treatment more fun, yes?

The sad reality is that cancer messes with you, on a physical and social level. I don’t feel like doing more than lying on my bed with my dogs right now. Tomorrow night I’m supposed to attend a sold out Tori Amos concert with a few friends. I’m not sure what to do. We could sell our tickets or I could suck it up, hope for the best, and maybe have a good time. I’m hoping my body will give me a clear answer early in the day tomorrow. I’m contemplating going with Lisa to see Lucinda Williams at the end of the month. It’s a bucket list kind of thing. Both concerts are artists I’ve never seen before and always wanted to. Why does my body have to make this so difficult?

Cuddling with Gumdrop makes being sick more tolerable.


2 thoughts on “Disco Inferno Chemo Day

  1. Life is fleeting. It is to be enjoyed.
    Tori Amos

    Take the risk, because you may end of with moments like this:
    A beautiful evening with this group of special ladies. I can't put into words how happy I am to be here and feeling okay and soaking up the love.
    Lucinda will be waiting for you my friend, I'm happy your taking the chance and attempting to go. xo


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