Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

In my last post, I wrote about the fun we’d been having with hair color, from pre-surgery through the first however many chemo treatments. Well, after chemo treatment five, my hair started falling out. I also started experiencing more nausea and difficulty with my appetite. As soon as I started seeing a decent amount of hair come out after washing my hair, as well as noticing it falling out when it was dry, I decided it was time to take it all off.

There is so much societal stigma around a woman being bald and I wanted to jump into the pool with no hesitation. I announced I was going to do it on facebook, but didn’t give specifics. I decided I still wanted it to be a semi-personal experience. I asked Anni if she would photograph it happening and she agreed. We gathered once again at my friend’s barbershop, Moe’s, and I never looked back. My friend Anna asked if she could join us and shave her head in solidarity. It was kind of nice, having someone else there who was more nervous than I was, haha.

Jess, Anna, Carrie, and I.

Anna and I, before.

We each got into a chair and had two friends, Jess and Carrie, get to work on us. Anna actually went first. I sat and watched Jess shave a stripe down the middle and then we knew there was no turning back. Carrie started on my hair and was very careful to shave each section and then hand it to Sam for safekeeping. We put all of my hair into two baggies – one for the longer, colored hair on top, and one for the shorter, darker hair. I plan on using my hair in an upcoming art project and this ensured that I didn’t lose any. I could have waited for more to fall out, but I knew I was ready and didn’t want to risk more going down the drain.

It is a very liberating experience and I honestly found it to be very freeing. I’m pretty sure Anna would agree with me. I was relieved to look in the mirror and realize that it was a done deal. And it didn’t hurt that I was actually happy with the way I looked. Let’s be honest, one of the biggest fears associated with shaving your head is that you won’t like how you look. Both Anna and I have found that an added perk of shaving your head is how many women will come up to you and tell you how sexy it is, or how beautiful you are. It’s a great ego boost.

Almost finished…

Anna and I, posing with our friend George. Bald is beautiful!

It took my wife a little time to adjust to seeing me with no hair, as she is usually the one shaving her head or sporting a mohawk, so the tables were turned on her. Fortunately, she doesn’t care if I have hair or not, as long as I’m healthy and happy. I will have this look for a while, so I’m just glad we are both okay with it.

Anna and I, after.

Gotta love a supportive friend like Anna.
I think this photo says it all.


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