Having Fun With Hair Color

When I found out that I was going to have a total hysterectomy, I decided to have a purple streak put in my hair by my friend Carrie who owns Moe’s Hairstyling here in town. The day I did it, Sam decided to add a purple streak to her hair too. After that, a few other friends decided to do it as well, as a sign of solidarity. It was just a simple, fun thing to do in order to get me ready for the road ahead.

Sitting out on the patio while the bleach does its magic. Classy!

The two of us after the bleach treatment.

We also cut most of my hair off in order for me to not have to worry about my hair during and after my hospital stay. When my doctor came into the pre-op room before my surgery I told him, “I did my hair for you”, to which he replied, “I see that.” We laughed and then I was wheeled off into the operating room.

Pre-surgery purple.

A better view.

Eventually, the purple started to fade into blue and then teal. Today I was trying to decide whether or not I should color it purple again, but then I started thinking about the color my hair will be when it starts to fall out, or when I decide to shave my head. I intend on keeping my hair for an art project and I thought I really should go with red. This will make more sense once I create the piece I want to make and share it with you. The red will eventually fade, possibly back to a purplish color, but we will just see what happens and go with it.

Us today, with red and purple hair.


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