A Photo Essay By Anni Becker

Anni Becker, a close friend and professional photographer, accompanied me to the oncology clinic for my chemo treatment last week, on June 5th. I asked her to bring her camera and document our time there. She brought Dollar Store tiaras with her and as we moved through the building, getting prepped, checking in with my doctor and his PA, and then receiving my chemo drugs, she handed out tiaras and took photographs. These are the people helping to save my life. This is what happens to me every Thursday. I think the positive feelings I have about treatment and this group of wonderful medical professionals shows through in the images without further commentary. To my doctor and his PA, who help me to believe that we are going to beat this, to those who make my appointments, check me in, draw blood and clean out my port, weigh me and take my vitals, administer my drugs and check on me during my time there to make sure I’m okay – I thank you. All of you. You make it possible for me to keep a smile on my face. And yes, you all deserve tiaras.


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