Support Via Mustache Silliness

When I was in the hospital for my hysterectomy, I gave Sam permission to draw a mustache on me (while I was asleep) and then post it on Facebook, for the amusement of our friends. Little did I know that when I finally woke up around 1:45am, after a small blood transfusion, Sam would tell me I should see what had been happening on Facebook all day while I slept. I could barely contain my joy, seeing all of the friends who started posting “mustache selfies” in solidarity with me. This blog entry is simply about these images that flooded my Facebook page, the love I felt, and the laughter that ensued. Thank you to each and every person who took the time to cheer me up and join in on the silliness. ❤

Photo of me by Sam MacKenzie
(the googly eyes made me giggle).


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