Day 1

Today was my first official day as a vegan. I started off simply, with some organic cereal and soy milk. By lunchtime I was really wanting to eat something, but pushed on and went to my gallery to drop off some new work and talk about next month’s show. I had a piece of French bread while there and just when I was starting to feel sick-hungry (my own fault for not being prepared), my girlfriend texted and invited me over for a meal and a smoothie. It was yummy and I was oh, so grateful.

I should explain that I don’t do well when I’m hungry. I feel sick to my stomach and it comes on very quickly. It’s just the way I am. Might have to do with my medication I take for diabetes. They’re pills, so I’m guessing they are time-released. It would explain the sudden waves of hunger I get too.

I made a stop at the grocery store on my way home and picked up what I think are staples for quick and healthy meals. Quinoa pasta and polenta, red quinoa, spinach, carrots, potatoes, an onion, salsa, cucumber, green onions and avocados rounded out my buying for today. I have organic pasta sauce in a jar, a few of them, and it is really easy to slice and fry up polenta and top it with sauce and wilted spinach. I also planned and made a large quinoa salad for tonight and tomorrow using the green onions, cucumber, carrots and avocado. I toss it with my favorite dressing, Annie’s Shitake Sesame. No sugar and no dairy = awesome.

I used this evening to bake 3 potatoes while I made the salad. I ate one and have the other two ready to fry up or re-heat when I get hungry tomorrow. I also have left over quinoa salad, so I think my lunch is taken care of. Yay! I’ll most likely have cereal again in the morning because it is fast and easy. I need to switch back to unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk because I am upping my soy intake in other areas of my meals.

I had a talk with my mom tonight on the phone and explained to her what I can or can not eat now. She didn’t know what quinoa was, so it gave me a chance to teach her something new. As old-fashioned as she is, it’s nice to know she’s at least trying to be supportive and understanding.

Today’s biggest challenge was getting hungry and not having food nearby and ready to eat. I definitely need to work on keeping snacks in my car for times like that. Some of my faves are Primal Strips, nuts ( I like most of them and usually have a mixed bag with me), fresh fruit and in some cases a pbj sandwich. I’m sure this will evolve as I find myself needing more substantial snacks to curb those sudden hunger attacks.

I find myself looking ahead at day 2 and at least I know I have some prepared food handy and supplies to get me through a few more days. Go team vegan!

p.s. – I posted a status update on Facebook about going vegan and friends were supportive, but not nearly as many people “liked” it as did when I announced I was going vegetarian. Perhaps they think I’m radical now?


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